Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kids Gifts


Hey yall! Kids are so much fun to buy for. I love giving gifts and watching their sweet faces light up. When I find awesome toys at a great price I can't help but get excited. I love finding toys online that aren't readily available in store, feels like it is a treasure that you have to dig to find. Do you know what I mean?

So I am going to share some of the awesome treasures with you. Ready? Here we go!

First up is a recent find I got for a little boy's birthday. It is called the Neat Oh! Zip Bin Dinosaur Medium Play Set. It's on Amazon right now for $17.97! What a great gift for anyone who loves dinosaurs. Not only that but I am a lover of all bins -- a toy that comes nice and neat in its own bin, that's just fantastic!! The toy starts out as a bin with dinosaurs inside and you can open it up and lay it flat and it becomes the dinosaurs stomping ground. Brilliant!

Next you have this lovely bin with a few dinos so you should add to the dino family! You have a few options.. You can get the twelve jumbo dinosaurs for 8.38 on sale from 18.95. Another option is twelve of a larger sized dinosaur for 8.00 on sale from 19.99! Right now you can sign up for Amazon Prime for 30 days. Amazon Prime is free 2 day shipping and 3.99 1 day shipping, and if you are apart of Amazon mom you get 20% off diapers when you choose Subscribe & Save.

My daughter loves her Manhattan toy Baby Stella doll. I love Manhattan toys. So it is a win win. Right now baby Stella is on sale for 24.17 from 31.99! Good deal.

Snap circuits JR is a tinkering game! My son loves to tinker with things. It won a few awards The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products, Dr Toy Best Educational Products! It is on sale for 21.39 from 32.99!

Next my son is in kindergarten so he is learning how to spell and sound out his words. The Melissa & Doug See and Spell is a fun little puzzle/game to help with that! We enjoy it and of course it comes in its own little box! Which I love.. This is on sale for 15.98 from 19.99!

So there you go -- hopefully you have a few ideas for the next special birthday person in your life. Enjoy!!

-Heaven & Holly-

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