Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring into Savings

I am starting my garden this week and my current shovel just wasn't feeling the same! I hopped online to find a new shovel, Sears has a great long handled shovel at a rockin' price of $2.47 with FREE store pick-up!
Once my vegetables are ripe I love to cook homemade meals with them. I am always on the hunt for new meals. Who isn't looking for new tasty recipes to try?
One of my favorite magazines, Family Circle, gives detailed recipes that your family will love! Magazine Deals Now is an awesome site I use to get CHEAP magazine subscriptions to popular magazines. Right now, you can grab a 12 month subscription to Family Circle for only $4.39.
But, put in promo code "MPS12" and the total will be $3.86! That is less than it costs for one magazine at the grocery store! Use that code on the site to get 12% off any magazine subscription.
If you have a garden, or a recipe your family is crazy about, we would love to know about it!

-Heaven & Holly-

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