Monday, May 20, 2013

Lover of all shoes!

I love shoes. I love quality shoes. I love quality shoes at a good price. Who doesn't right?!

Well this fabulous website I have stumbled across called Sole Society has just that.

When you first log on they give you the option of signing up for their e-mail and getting 20% off 60.00 or more.Well if you don't feel like signing up for their newsletter and getting all of their beautiful shoes sent right to your inbox, you can get 20% off right now!

Get 20% off your first purchase over $60 with code FBNEW413. Hurry this ends 5/23!

In my cart right now waiting for the thumbs up from my husband!

If you order some send pictures our way or if you love this site let us know we'd love to know! What styles are you loving for Spring/Summer?

-Heaven & Holly-

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  1. hey hey, not sure on what I am doing but, I will send out to my friends!!!