Meet Heaven & Holly


I grew up in Virginia, with a big family (four brothers) and my extended family within a 10 minute radius. Family comes first! I am currently a full time college student working to get a degree in Nursing. Currently I do not work, unless you include keeping up with the house, catching awesome deals and fine-tuning my DIY wanna-be abilities ;) (which might I say is the BEST job). There are so many thing I enjoy doing, but at the top of my list are: *saving money, *crafts/DIY, *traveling, *Pinterest! I hope you will enjoy our adventure, there is a lot in store for this blogging duo!


Hi my name is Holly and I was born and raised in Virginia. I have four kids and one husband! I have always been thrifty since I was young. I like saving money and then looking at how much I saved. Of course it is not just the savings its the rush of finding that savings. I try to never buy anything unless it is on sale but when I want to splurge I can. I would love to bring all of those savings to other people. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as Heaven and I do. Enjoy!!

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